Castleville lead designer founds new mobile studio

Pottinger joined by ex-Robot Entertainment programmer John Evanson and former id Software artist Jason Sallenbach
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The lead designer of Zynga’s hit Castle game has formed a new mobile studio.

As well as being led by former Zynga developer Dave Pottinger as CEO, other founding members include ex-Robot Entertainment senior programmer John Evanson as director of technology and former id Software senior character artist Jason Sallenbach.

“We cut our teeth on the Age of Empires series at Ensemble Studios. We loved the team-based feel Ensemble had, particularly in its early days. So, we’re bringing that back,” said Pottinger.

Sallenbach added: “We’re creating something really unique with our overall approach to art. I think it will set our games apart. I can’t wait until we announce our first title later this summer.”

The three developers join other ex-Ensemble veterans Tony Goodman, John Boog-Scott and Angelo Laudon who also set up their own mobile studio focused on titles for iOS and Android.