CASUAL CONNECT: PlayFirst unveils dog-based Diner Dash spin-off

Doggie Dash is a time management game set in a busy pet spa
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Developer Viqua Games has been signed up by casual games firm and Diner Dash publisher PlayFirst to produce Doggie Dash, a spin-off of the time management game.

Available now, the new game takes the fast-paced mechanics of Diner Dash and applies it to pet services, with lead character Flo starting ditching her waitress job to work in at a pet spa.

“With Doggie Dash, we’re answering Diner Dash aficionados’ demand for more Flo and more Dash,” said Kenny Shea Dinkin, vice president and creative director of PlayFirst, referencing the Dash series’ heroine. “This new game further expands the Diner Dash world."