Cecil in Minesweeper 'adventure' project

Revolution developing adaptation of free PC title in OneBigGame initiative
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Industry veteran Charles Cecil is developing an adventure game based on the PC freeware title Minesweeper, according to reports.

Cecil, the managing director and co-founder of UK longstanding UK studio Revolution Software, has also confirmed that the title is being developed in conjunction with the OneBigGame charity initiative.

OneBigGame co-founder Martin de Ronde told G4 that Cecil and his team have “come up with a back-story” explaining why Minesweeper’s mines exist.

“He's come up with characters," added de Ronde. "It's turning out to be a really, really cool game in terms of mechanics and also in terms of the setting and the universe."

OneBigGame – a not-for-profit publisher of various titles founded in 2007 - donates certain profits to various causes that help less fortunate children.

UK developer Zoe Mode will be the first group to see one of its games released under the initiative.

Zoe Mode, which has studios in Brighton, London and San Francisco, has voluntarily developed Chime; a music-based-puzzle game set to launch across XBLA this winter.

As part of the deal, at least 60 per cent of Chime’s royalties will be given to charity.

OneBigGame has contracted around fifteen projects from various developers, all of which are undertaken voluntarily.