Cevat Yerli: Social gaming will be key for next-gen

Developers need to focus on cross-platform gameplay and connectivity, says Cevat Yerli
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Social gaming will be key to next-generation consoles, Crytek's CEO has claimed.

Speaking to vg247, Cevat Yerli said that developers would increasingly have to focus on cross-platform gameplay and connectivity to be a success on new consoles.

He added that users were playing games for shorter periods than ever before, and that onlne session-based games would also be key.

"I think one of the key words for the next generation gaming will be ‘social’," said Yerli.

"My perspective of next generation gaming is that playing with friends, and playing on multiple devices and having complimentary experiences with them, will be a big part of the process.

"I think, generally, people are playing shorter cycles in games, and session-based games are going to be key. I think, ultimately, the word ‘online’ will be extended to embrace ‘social’ as well."

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