Chemistry: â??Publishers prefer Unrealâ??

Developer talks benefits of working with UE3
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Unreal Engine-exclusive developer Chemistry has been praising the middleware’s benefits in a recent Q&A with Gamasutra.

“[UE3] helps with production risk. We can approach publishers and they understand UE3, whereas they don't know anything about Kuju's internal technology" said studio head Simeon Pashley.

"There are clear opportunities for people who work on Unreal 3. One is there are a lot of developers out there who are working with the technology but the difference is we are specialising in it.

"Let's imagine, developer X needs so help with a project. We can help them out, or do some consulting for them. And in terms of our recruiting and training, it works in those terms too, because we are looking to get UE3 expertise into the studio."

Chemistry, formerly Kuju Sheffield, rebranded and announced its Unreal-exclusivity last month.

Epic's Unreal is on a seemingly unstoppable ascent having secured exclusivity from other studios and other technology companies via its Integrated Partners Program.


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