Child media conference tackles the TV/game divide

Showcomotion panel to feature Charles Cecil and Michel Cassius
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Enjoyed our article on addressing the children's market? If so, you might be interested to know that organisers of the 2008 Showcomotion children's media conference have announced a games-related panel discussion taking place on Friday July 4th.

The talk, entitled "So You Think It's a Game?", will feature Revolution's Charles Cecil and YoYo Games co-founder and previous European Xbox honcho Michel Cassius discussing why difficulties lie in getting the worlds of TV and gaming to coincide.

The Showcomotion conference takes place between July 2nd and 4th in Sheffield. For more information, check out the event website.



Child's Play

In 2005 the BBC conducted a large scale, nationwide survey to learn more about British media consumption habits and attitudes. Unlike many similar research efforts, the survey encompassed children of age six and upwards and included games amongst the media investigated.