China approves the sale of game consoles with new regulations

Sale of foreign game consoles approved for the market with new guidelines
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Sale of foreign game consoles approved for the market with new guidelines
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Video game consoles can legally be sold in China after a 13-year ban, according to a report about new guidelines to govern their sale.

China lifted its long-running ban on game consoles in January, but the Government ruled that new restrictions would have be put in place before the machines could go on sale.

The Chinese language news site People’s Daily reports that the promised regulations have now been released by the Government and approve the sale of foreign consoles in the nation.

With its growing affluence, China is a region all of the three major console manufacturers – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft – could benefit from serving.

Nintendo’s stock price reportedly leapt up when the nation lifted its ban in January. Earlier this month, Sony announced a new department, the China Strategy Department, based within Sony Computer Entertainment Asia. And Microsoft has also formed its own game ventures programme for Chinese studios.

However, China is also due to get a new set of home-grown consoles in the form of the Fun Box from ZTE and another from Chinese manufacturer TCL.

China’s guarded policies haven’t helped foreign game companies make an impact there. But with successful online and mobile games, such as Candy Crush Saga, making their way over its borders, console developers may yet find favour too.