China lifts ban on foreign console sales

14 year embargo temporarily withdrawn
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China has temporarily lifted the 14 year old ban that prevented the sale of foreign game consoles in the country.

According to Reuters, as long as consoles are built in Shanghai's free trade zone they can be sold within the country, but they will still be subject to inspection by the cultural department.

Chian's ruling council first publicly promised to relax the law in September of last year, but it's not known how long the ban will be lifted.

The ban on the sale of consoles was enacted in 2000, allegedly to curb the harmful effects of console gaming on the country's youth. PC gaming remains immensely popular.

It's currently unclear what plans console makers might have to get in the door while it's open, but Sony spokesman Satoshi Nakajima told Bloomberg his company was taking an interest.

“China mainland is an attractive market,” said Nakajima. “We will seek to expand when there is an opportunity.”