Christmas discounts on 32 Shiva licences

Stonetrip announces limited seasonal offer on popular engine
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Stonetrip is running a discount of around 50 per cent on 32 Shiva licences for the Christmas season.

The licences are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Customers can make a saving of 50 per cent on a Shiva Advanced engine package at €749.50; over 50 per cent on a Shiva Developers package at €580.50 plus €169 off; and over 50 per cent on a Torque upgrade to Shiva Advanced also at €580.50 plus €169 off.

“This limited edition discount has always hugely popular when we’ve run it in previous years.” said CEO of Stonetrip Philip Belhassen.

“Anyone who needs a little extra incentive to upgrade or join the ShiVa community should click on the link to take advantage of this offer.”