Chrome OS users may soon be able to play any Android game on their PC

Code buried in latest Chrome OS update suggests that the entire Google Play store is on its way to the platform
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The next update to Google’s Chrome OS could allow users to run nearly any Android mobile app on the computer operating system.

As spotted by TheWiseYoda on Reddit and subsequently picked up by Ars Technica, the Chrome OS source code contains a string referring to the Google Play store.

“Choose from over a million apps and games on Google Play to install and use on your <ph name="DEVICE_TYPE">$1<ex>Chromebook</ex></ph>” the text reads, preceded by the message name “IDS_ARC_OPT_IN_DIALOG_DESCRIPTION”.

ARC could be a direct use of the previously launched App Runtime for Chrome project, which allowed a handful of developers to bring their apps to the platform, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Another Reddit user, InauspiciousPagan, managed to bring up the user interface commanded by the code, which enabled a checkbox for “Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook” to appear in the Settings menu – meaning that the service is optional.

Though it remains to be seen whether the feature will launch any time soon, it may be debuted during next month’s Google I/O event from May 18th to 20th.