Cider-powered games to get SecuROM DRM

Titles ported to Macs with TransGaming's wrapper will get anti-piracy solution
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Games using TransGaming's Cider porting technology will now include Sony's SecuROM anti-piracy technology.

Cider is a 'portability engine' that wraps games built for Windows PCs and redirects Win32 and DirectX calls to Mac-supported equivalents. TransGaming also runs an online distrubution service for Cider-based Mac games called GameTree Online.

“We are pleased to ensure the protection of Ciderized games through with Sony DADC’s SecuROM”, commented Vikas Gupta, president and CEO of TransGaming.

“Our ability to offer Sony DADC’s security solution is imparting substantial comfort to our publishers and developers interested in the Mac gaming market and demonstrates a clear advantage as to why Cider is the leading solution for Mac games enablement.”

Stefan Tschapeck, SecuROM product manager at Sony DADC, added: "Sony DADC is the first digital rights management provider to apply product activation security in cooperation with TransGaming’s portability technology for the Mac. TransGaming’s Cider portability technology provides the use of our SecuROM Product Activation for all Ciderized Mac games, whether sold online via digital download or through traditional retail channels.”



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