Civ 5's lead designer, John Shafer joins Paradox

The former Firaxis lead designer joins to make a new strategy game
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Jon Shafer has joined Paradox Development Studio to work on a new strategy game.

Shafer, who was lead designer on Civilization V, announced joining the studio at PDXCon in Stockholm, Sweden.

As reported by PC Gamer, no news or information has been made available yet on the project. Paradox Development Studio are the mostly known for their large, grand strategy games. Their most recent releases include Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV.

Civilization V was a turning point in the series developed by Firaxis instigating a change to hexagonal tiles for improvement movement and map usage. Shafer also worked on the Civilization IV expansions, Beyond the Sword and Warlords and is also continuing to develop his Kickstarter project, At the Gates.