Clever girl: Telltale scores Jurassic Park licence

Sam & Max maestros make key deal with NBC Universal
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Telltale Games, the developer that delivered episodic chunks of Sam & Max, has according to reports snapped up the Jurassic Park licence.

The Californian studio said it will develop a new series of episodic Jurassic Park games, having sealed an agreement with licence holder NBC Universal.

According to a GameInformer report, Telltale is working on creating what will be 'a full season' of Jurassic Park games – in line with the studio’s philosophy of delivering a string of bite-sized game ‘episodes’.

"For Jurassic Park, we will leverage Telltale's expertise in storytelling and game design to deliver on the tension and drama of the series creating the ultimate cinematic adventure," said studio CEO Dan Connors.

Telltale has recently undertaken a new internal strategy where it will instruct teams to build pilot episodes of new games and concepts.

The group says it will likely bring these pilot games to market, take in the critical and commercial response, and make a decision on whether to pursue with a full series.