Climax Studios opens New Zealand studio

New outfit will focus on augmented reality projects
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UK developer Climax Studios has just opened a new studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The studio will be headed up by Andy Wilton, who oversees a team of eight coders – all of whom previously worked at Gameloft’s New Zealand studio before it was closed back in January.

The team will be focusing on augmented reality projects on behalf of a large US corporation, although Climax is unable to share more details. The company hopes to grow this studio over the next year and take on more AR and VR projects.

"It was a great opportunity to hire a group of engineers, who were both experienced, talented and are already used to working as a team,” said CEO Simon Gardner. 

“In addition I have known and worked with Andy for most of my life and he has worked for Climax as a contractor on numerous occasions in the past. The opportunity was just too good to miss.”


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