Climax working on unannounced games for Konami

UK developer making a Wii/PSP and also 360/PS3 title for Japanese publisher
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An update to Climax's corporate website has confirmed the studio is working on two new projects for Konami.

The games are a Wii/PSP game and also a 360/PS3 title.

"Climax has a great history with recent titles such as Silent Hill Origins on both PSP and PS2, and Viva Pinata for Games for Windows, but the future is even more exciting with Overlord Dark Legend, on Wii and DS, for Codemasters and two new unannounced titles for Konami," the site's new blurb reads.

We interviewed founder Karl Jeffery and head of development Simon Gardner at the start of the year. Click here to read the full interview.


Climax readies for restructure

Now that its former Racing Studio is completely under Disney's ownership, Climax is set for a studio  reorganisation with a big expansion of the UK operation on the cards and 70 vacancies up for grabs - but its Santa Monica office will shrink.