Closure warning at EA Bright Light

Publisher insists UK 'remains a vital game development center for EA'
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Electronic Arts has begun a formal consultation process at EA Bright Light, with redundancies and outright studio closure both possible.

The Guildford studio, which most recently worked on a Harry Potter game for EA, recently underwent an internal review of current and future projects.

“After a review, Electronic Arts has started a formal consultation process with its Bright Light employees over the proposed closure of the studio," read an EA statement issued to

"Employees that are impacted will be considered for positions at other EA Studios including those in the UK," the note read.

EA said the closure is part of its aim to “help centralise development on future projects, reduce development costs and will allow for better knowledge and talent sharing within the organisation".

“The UK is a vital centre of game development for EA and we intend to maintain a strong presence here,” the company added.

If Bright Light closes, it would leave Electronic Arts with only two UK studios - the Burnout group Criterion and social games firm PlayFish. EA closed its Warrnington studio in 2006.