Cobra Mobile launches online game portal

Scottish mobile developer to sell direct to consumers across more platforms
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Dundee, Scotland based mobile game developer Cobra Mobile has opened its own dedicated portal for casual games.

Moving away from their mobile roots, Cobra develop with an approach they call ‘omni-gaming’, which involves designing games to work across platforms as diverse as PCs, home consoles, portables, mobile phones and even iPods and the iPhone.

The company made the move so that it could sell directly to consumers, retain its own intellectual property and build brands without the use of major publishers. The portal, called, has launched with two titles: Cobi Treasure Deluxe and Numba.

“Creating your own PC-based casual games brands, website and distribution is not without its challenges for a small business, but we've managed it very well,” said Cobra founder and studio manager Mark Ettle.

“We're very proud to have created games with such amazing potential and wide ranging universal appeal, and we're delighted to be able to make them available directly to players all around the world.”