Codemasters agrees to more amBX games

Five new titles compliant with Philips’ new peripherals
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Codemasters and Philips have announced an agreement to add support for amBX to five of its PC games.

Hot on the heels of its amBX integration in TOCA Race Driver 3, Codemasters will be amBX-enabling Overlord, Clive Barker’s Jericho, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Rise of the Argonauts and Operation Flashpoint 2.

Peter Chan, business development manager at Codemasters, commented: “We’ve been really impressed with the creativity the amBX team has brought on-board following the recent TOCA Race Driver 3 implementation and unveiling our plans to amBX-enable a further five demonstrates our commitment to this emerging and exciting platform.”

“This announcement strengthens our existing relationship with Codemasters and underlines our resolve to position amBX as a ubiquitous technology across computer and video games and bring all-new ambient experiences to as many of their players as possible,” added Jo Cooke, chief marketing officer at Philips amBX.

Codemasters joins a growing number of developers in supporting amBX, alongside THQ, Kuju, Revolution and Sumo Digital.


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