Codemasters dev boss quit for consultancy work

Decorated industry veteran heads up consultancy firm
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Decorated industry veteran heads up consultancy firm

Gavin Cheshire has departed from his role as development chief at Codemasters, bringing his eight-year tenure to an end, according to new data.

The former Codemasters studio Vice President had actually left the company in November last year, according to his LinkedIn profile which shows he is now the managing director at GC Digital Media Consultants.

The decorated industry professional has also served as a director on the board of trade group Tiga, as well as a member of BAFTA.

Cheshire (pictured) had been working at Codemasters for nearly eight years, since May 2003. He departure has not been explained and was not announced by Codemasters.

“My previous role as vice president at Codemasters Studios meant I was overseeing four development sites, 440+ development personnel and multi-million pound development budgets,” reads Cheshire’s new profile description.

“My responsibilities have included total control of all internally developed products, and in the latter 18 months, damage control of troubled, externally developed titles,” he said.