Codemasters is a 'natural fit' for Swordfish

Studio founder happy that team has returned to British ownership
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Swordfish Studios founder Trevor Williams has praised new owner Codemasters as a good fit for the team.

Last week we confirmed that Codemasters was to buy Swordfish's Birmingham studio to found Codemasters Birmingham, with Williams in charge of the studio.

Speaking to the Birmingham Post, he said: "It’s exciting - they are a local company and they make great games.

"We’re a natural fit because we have worked together in the past, such as on the Brian Lara cricket game.”

Williams cofounded the studio in 1994 as part of the Rage group, but lead an MBO when Rage went bust in 2002. In 2004 Swordfish was bought by Vivendi - however the company chose to sell it off earlier this year after merging with Activision, and the new management chose to focus on other projects.

The change of owner is good for Swordfish, said WIlliams: “Before, we were owned by an American company so it’s nice to be back home again.”