Codemasters Online forms in-house support team

30 jobs created for senior game masters and the like at UK base
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Codemasters has brought in-game support for its online games in-house, creating 30 jobs at its UK HQ.

The new Codemasters Online team is staffed by a group of 30 game masters and senior game masters - with staff hired from across Europe. The firm also confirmed that the team is still growing, with applications open at

The new team helps Codemasters "the opportunity to offer more flexible and fluid customer service, responding quickly to player feedback and suggestions" for MMOs and the like.

In a statement the company added: "With the direct management of customer care now available, all aspects of the service are being completely reviewed in order to ensure that the customer is getting the very best service available."

David Solari, VP and GM of Codemasters Online added: "I am very pleased to announce this next step in Codemasters Online's growth. Bringing the online game support in-house has been something we have been working on for some time and we are all very excited at this landmark event. We have always had good in-game support and now have the opportunity to take it even further.”