Codemasters working on next-gen EGO engine

Publisher will bet one of its biggest franchises on the tech
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UK dev group Codemasters is building the successor to its popular EGO engine, the company has confirmed.

And, as is customary with demonstrating new engines, Codemasters will flaunt the high-end tech with what it calls a ‘massive title’.

The current EGO engine provides the foundation to the lion’s share of Codemasters’ output – being used for recent titles such as Dirt 2 and Operation Flashpoint.

In an interview with Develop, studio VP Gavin Cheshire said the group “is focused on EGO 2.0, which will be coming in with a massive title that we can’t talk about just yet.

He added: “That will really keep us cutting-edge.”

However, the company added that its current EGO engine will still be the bedrock to some of Codemasters most valuable properties.

“The next F1 will show where EGO has got to at this stage,” Cheshire added. “I think people will agree that it has probably got the best weather of any game ever seen. It is very powerful, but is also in an intricate stage right now.”