Codemasters's Boom! Tanks scores 1m downloads

Company's first major mobile success hits milestone in one week after launch
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Codemasters has revealed that one of its first mobile titles, Boom! Tanks, has been downloaded one million times since launch.

The UK studio is a newcomer to the mobile scene, but the news shows it's already made some laudable achievements on the platform.

"Since launch, players scored over two and a half million perfect hits and exchanged over 30 million shells in battles with the enemy," read a statement from Codemasters.

"Taking advantage of the game's tank personalisation, customisation and sharing features, Boom! Tanks gamers have shared over 250,000 pictures of their war machines, which have been responsible for destroying over eight million tanks."

Boom! Tanks reached the one million download milestone in just a week after launch, and the company is exploiting the popularity of the title by extending compatibility to older iOS devices including the iPhone 4 and the fifth generation iPod touch.