Codeplay launch new optimisation tech

Offload 2.0 dev toolkit released by Scottish firm
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Offload 2.0 dev toolkit released by Scottish firm
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Edinburgh-based tech company Codeplay has launched Offload 2.0, the latest iteration of its game acceleration and optimisation dev technology.

Codeplay has said that the new toolkit allows full exploitation of the PS3, and ‘high quality and performance’ on other platforms.

“Codeplay’s mission over the last five years has been to address the technical challenges of the game production process. Working closely with game developers, we have developed supporting technologies that work with developers’ complex code and streamline cross-platform development,” said Codeplay founder and MD Andrew Richards.

“For developers and publishers the benefits are clear - shortened game development times, reduced need for late stage optimisation, and the ability to easily manage existing game code over multiple platforms.

“Several leading video game developers are utilising Offload to optimise their games and have found it to be incredibly beneficial. For example, in just nine hours of one developer’s time, Offload for PlayStation3 achieved a spectacular five-fold increase in AI code performance.”



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