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Co-founder John Vechey departs PopCap

Vechey is final co-founder to leave casual games firm
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John Vechey is leaving PopCap after nearly 15 years with the studio, parent company EA has announced.

post on EA’s site shares a memo to employees in which both EA Mobile president Frank Gibeau and Vechey himself address the departure.

"Many of you know me as the energetic, happy-go-lucky founder of PopCap, and I want to use that energy to give something back for awhile until I figure out what's next," Vechey said.

"I will be spending some time working with environmental news non-profit, of which I am a board member. I'll be taking some non-violence workshops, furthering some of the things I've learned from being part of the Quaker community, while I explore peace and social justice issues, such as war abolition, prison reform, poverty and the effects of race and gender privilege.

"And after that? Who knows what the future will hold."

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