Conduit team unveils new project

Hoping to fill the next gap in the Wii market, High Voltage unveils Gladiator AD
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High Voltage, the Illinois-based developer currently finishing production of Wii FPS The Conduit, has unveiled its newest project.

Gladiator A.D. (pictured), is a third-person Wii-exclusive title that appears to be infatuated with showers of claret. The game looks like it will place players in arena-based duels not dissimilar to those associated with ancient Roman amphitheatres.

Speaking to IGN, High Voltage CEO Kerry Ganofsky says that Gladiator A.D. is “our next step in filling the holes in the Wii's library.”

Using the company’s own Quantum3 engine, High Voltage is promising that Gladiator will turn the Wii’s graphical mumble into an alpha-male-like grunt. By virtue of setting the game in a closed arena, more efforts are being made on expanding detail of what’s on the screen.

High Voltage’s approach to Wii development has hitherto been an attempt in filling market gaps. The Conduit, a fancifully-tailored FPS, is purposefully reaching out to a long-forgotten segment of Wii-owners; the hardcore player.

Yet the team has yet to release a product of this kind for the console, and with the alarmingly poor sales of Sega’s MadWorld, the company will soon enough find out how big, or small, the Wii's hardcore gap actually is.

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