Connection Events launches Paris Master Classes

Game Connection organiser targets industry's 'need for professional training' with June event
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Game Connection organiser Connection Events is to bring a set of games development-focused masterclasses to Paris this June 25th and 26th.

Representatives from Blizzard, EA and SCEE will come together to present focused tutorials lasting one or two days. The teaching will be supported by practical case examples, and courses will be limited to a maximum of 20 people in order to maximise attendee-lecturer interaction.

"When facing those issues only experts can bring in a true added-value and answer effectively the professionals’ needs," said Pierre Carde, executive president of the Paris Master Classes.

"We put our efforts together in order to find the most qualified persons to speak about these challenges and we are happy to gather Masters who want to share their knowledge and experience with the video game industry’s European employees."

The full list of sessions is as follows:

"Special effects, pipeline and visual techniques" - Slim Ghariani, Blizzard (Senior Visual Effects Artist)

"How to think like a Game Designer?" - Noah Falstein, The Inspiracy (Creative Director)"Believable and sophisticated animations in Games" - Will Byles, Electronic Arts (Executive Producer)"Monetisation: increase your game revenue" : Thomas Bidaux, ICO Partners (CEO)"PS3 programming to the next level" - Dr. Sebastien Schertenleib, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Senior Engineer)"Core Library", Cédric Bermond, Electronic Arts, (Sr Software Engineer, Core/Graphics lead)"Intelligent Investing in Company Promotion, Game Launches, Media Relations" - Doug Mealy, Onlie Marketing and Public Relations Group (President)"Online marketing - Acquisition and retention" - Diane Lagrange, ICO Partners (Founding Partner and Consultant)"Level design - A concrete step-by-step method to plan a great player’s experience", Pascal Luban, The Game Design Studio (Creative Director)"Optimizing PS3 builds with GCC and C++", Gabriel Ware, Darkworks (PS3 programmer)"Engine Framework", Cédric Bermond, Electronic Arts (Sr Software Engineer, Core/Graphics lead)

"Managing internal production", David Ortiz, King Zilla (CEO)



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