Contractors let go at Climax

CEO claims 'no layoffs' but some workers' contracts terminated early
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A number of contractors working at UK developer Climax have been let go, the CEO has told Develop.

Karl Jeffery said that whilst there had been no layoffs, a number of developers had finished their fixed-term contracts and were given notice of termination of their contacts.

He also said a few contracts had been brought in early, whilst others had been given advanced notice and were still working at the studio.

Develop had understood that as many as 70 developers had been affected, but Jeffery said that the real number was much less.

The CEO explained that the company had finished work on a project two and a half weeks ago, and as a result decided to let go of a number of contractors from that project.

He added that this was “the nature of the games industry” at the moment, as it had become much more like the film industry in regards to employment contracts.

Climax is a development studio based in Portsmouth and has worked on a number of projects such as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, BloodForge and Rocket Knight.



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