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There are plenty of opportunities listed on the jobs board this week
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Has a long working week left you hungry for a new challenge? Is a move to a new studio or relocation in warmer climes a tempting proposition?

With a large number of vacancy postings on the Develop jobs board, it’s never been a better time to think about moving up the career ladder.

Below is our featured job from the hundreds on offer on the board, which offers a programming position with a leading web programmer.

Location: UK – North East
Salary: Negotiable DOE

Are you looking for a new role?
Are you an experienced web programmer looking for the opportunity to work for a well-established company?

The web programmer is responsible for using a scripting language and translating the requirements of end-users and internal clients into a functional product.
The role will also include modifying pre-existing code, designing new products and applications.

This is what you must know:
-How to interpret and follow specifications or other briefs
-How, and to whom, to ask questions to clarify requirements or raise issues in response to the specification or brief
-Relevant programming principles and best practice (such as object-oriented and/or procedural programming)
-The functions and syntax of the scripting language you are using
-How to write efficient code that is easy to debug and maintain
-Why it is important to clearly document your code
-How to test and debug your code efficiently, effectively and thoroughly
This is what you must be aware of:
-Project parameters and constraints including target platforms and their capabilities
-Relevant issues relating to usability, accessibility and product design
-The format in which the product will be deployed (for example, web)
-Sources of information for help, tips and tricks for making most effective use of the scripting language you are coding with
-The implications of later requests for changes to functionality or other aspects of the product
-The expectations of others who may be involved in debugging, using or modifying your code

This is what you must be able to do:
-Use the specified development environment or coding tool effectively
-Code scripts to provide specified functionality
-Produce modular code
-Clearly document your code so that others can understand it
-Test and debug your code
-Liaise with colleagues to ensure designs and specifications are correctly implemented
-Respond positively to requests for changes

If you are interested in this position please contact Claire Doo on 01206 840231 or email

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