Creative Assembly, Rockstar Games and Deadline Games staffing up

The latest employment opportunities printed in this month's Develop magazine
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The Creative Assembly
* Assistant Producers / Game Designers / Artists / Animators / Programmers
* Horsham
The Creative Assembly has a long history of developing ground breaking, award winning games and is looking to enhance its already fantastic teams. We are in the process of consolidating our two teams into one brand new office located in the heart of Horsham and is looking to hire new talent to join the studio at an exciting time in its development.

Rockstar Games
* Producers / Designers / Artists / Animators
* NYC, Toronto, San Diego, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Lincoln, Leeds, London
Rockstar Games is responsible for some of the biggest selling games in the world and the company is currently hiring programmers, artists, animators and designers for roles in the US, UK and Canada to work on its high profile next-generation titles.

Deadline Games

* Various roles
* Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish studio Deadline Games is growing. The studio offers reasonable hours, competitive business and career development with roles open for programmers, animators and designers.


Assembling more Creative staff

Another of Sega’s UK studios is targeting ambitious expansion, with Creative Assembly looking to add  50 new staff to its roster – but producer Jonathan Court thinks the team can brush aside the current clime’s tough recruitment market.