Creators of Vive horror game The Brookhaven Experiment form CloudGate Studio

New developer founded in collaboration with former Epic and Square Enix exec will unsurprisingly focus on VR projects
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The pair of developers responsible for spooky virtual reality title The Brookhaven Experiment have opened a new studio.

Jeremy Chapman and Steve Bowler have teamed up with former Epic Games and Square Enix exec Mike Fischer to form CloudGate Studio.

CloudGate will build upon Chapman and Bowler’s work on the HTC Vive by specialising in VR development, with debut title Island 359 set to launch on the PC headset this summer via Early Access.

The game is described as a survival and exploration game, with a priority placed on expanded player interaction with the jungle environment and realistic AI in its prehistoric inhabitants.

“In our past VR experience, we were very lucky to be able to innovate in a way that really resonated with players,” said Bowler.

“As CloudGate, we’re looking to taking it a step further and to do things on VR that no one has ever tried or done before. We can’t wait to show people where we’re going next.”


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