CRI: Japan is ready for middleware

Head of smartphone division predicts change in opinion in the East
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Speaking to Develop about CRI's new smartphone division, departmental lead Tomonori Haba has suggested that Japanese developers are becoming more open-minded with regard to middleware adoption.

"In the console market, there has certainly been a section of the Japanese industry that’s been cautious about adopting middleware, and have been skeptical as to the real practical benefits and results – but that situation is changing," claims Haba.

Pointing to the increasingly demanding undertaking required for game development as reason for the change in opinion, Haba also suggested that a change in attitude has started to permeate through the industry that suggests more time should be spent on planning; something that can be streamlined with middleware.

"According to a survey we did some time ago, 95 per cent of game developers want to introduce or use middleware. This figure is the best proof that Japanese developers really are changing."

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