Crytek cloud gaming service begins

GFACE enables users to stream 'console quality' games through their browser
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Triple-A developer Crytek has started the closed beta of a new social cloud gaming service, GFACE.

The browser-based platform allows users to stream “console quality" multiplayer games, mimicking cloud services such as OnLive and Gaikai.

It also includes friends lists and integrated video-chat, whilst also possessing social features such as status updates and picture uploads.

Its creators also state that GFACE can be accessed across multiple platforms such as PC, mobile and tablet. Players on different devices will also be able to play the same multiplayer games, taking on different roles accustomed to their platform.

"Our mission is to design an innovative high quality social media publishing service,” reads a statement on the official website.

“We are a small team with big ideas, but backed up by a well known critically acclaimed game studio: Crytek. We share not only technology and vision, but the commitment to deliver the highest possible quality.”