Crytek never planned to license CryENGINE

Popular development platform originally designed as internal tech
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It may come as some surprise to many to learn that Crytek never planned to license CryENGINE, but speaking to Develop, the Yerli brothers revealed that was exactly the case.

"To be honest, at the beginning that wasn’t a priority for us. We just wanted to have a proprietary engine for our games projects," they explained, when asked about why they started to license the popular development platform. "The first companies contacted us in 2002, and said they wanted to license CryENGINE. That was a great honour for us and, after a bit of thinking, we started to establish our licensing business and just a short time later had several licensees."

Most famously used for the Far Cry series of games, CryENGINE is now in it's third iteration, which is currently being used for the creation of Crysis 2.

To read the full interview, in which the Yerli brothers discuss the next generation of games consoles and the expansion of the umbrella of Crytek studios, click here.


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