Crytek â??working very closely on Natal and Moveâ??

As the CryEngine is confirmed to support motion control projects
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Frankfurt-headquarted studio Crytek has joined the growing list of studios committing to develop games for both Sony and Microsoft’s motion control systems.

The firm’s CEO Cevat Yerli told Develop his studio is “working very closely with Sony and Microsoft in regards to motion control on both the PS3 and Xbox 360”, and compensated his remarks by adding “that’s as much as NDA allows us to say right now.”

The revelation comes in the wake of rumours that flew from Crytek UK filing a trademark on a logo and name for “Self Defense” – widely suggested to be a motion control project.

Yerli confirmed that the firm’s CryEngine platform supports new technologies such as motion control, but in a wide-ranging interview with Develop, his colleague Carl Jones were more enthused by discussing another emerging game technology.

Jones, the boss of Crytek’s CryEngine business, said that the group was taking 3D “very seriously”.

He added: “It certainly adds a lot to a number of games. Depth perception in an FPS really changes the game and makes it a lot more enjoyable. I think people are starting to wake up and take notice that 3D is on its way, it’s not long before developers are taking advantage of it.”