Crytek's Free Radical swoop confirmed

43 jobs saved as German studio expands into the UK
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Last night the sale of Free Radical Design to Crytek was completed, confirming yesterday’s report that the British studio had been saved.

“We’re very happy to report that late last night the sale of Free Radical to Crytek was completed, meaning we’ve saved 43 jobs,” said Cameron Gunn, of administrators ReSolve Partners, speaking to Develop. “All of the business and assets have been sold to Crytek, and we’re very pleased with the results after strong interest.

“We were able to complete the sale as a going concern thanks to the reputation of the brand, and the high quality and loyal employees, who have been very patient.”

On New Year’s Eve 140 staff were laid off at Free Radical, which is most well known for its TimeSplitters series, as well as Second Sight and, most recently, Haze.