Culture Minister faces industry on Digital Britain

Ubisoft, Rebellion, Realtime Worlds and Blitz execs meet in Westminster
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A collection of games industry execs have held a meeting in Westminster with new Culture Minister Siôn Simon to discuss commitments made in the recent Digital Britain report.

The likes of Ubisoft Reflections MD Gareth Edmondson, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley, Realtime Worlds chairman Ian Hetherington and Blitz Games CEO Philip Oliver sat down with Simon to see how certain promises made by the Government are being executed.

Lord Carter’s Digital Britain report broke the ice with the games industry by committing to review whether “culturally British” games made in the UK should be given tax breaks.

The four industry members, together representing Tiga, also discussed other issues from the perception of games to supposed skills shortages.

Tiga claimed the meeting was “very encouraging” and that Simon “does appear to recognise the importance of the UK videogame industry both economically and culturally.”

The UK is still awaiting an announcement of implementation to the commitments outlined in Digital Britain.