Daedalic drinks Xider

New Hamburg studio forms strategic partnership with publisher
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German games studio Daedalic Entertainment has formed a strategic partnership with PC and Nintendo DS publisher Xider.

The deal gives Xider access to Daedalic's dev team to grow the publisher's portfolio. At the same time the German outfit will help Xider grow its operation locally.

“We’re thrilled to be co-publishing a number of very exciting releases with Xider. In addition to our progress of setting up our in-house development studio, this partnership marks a huge step in our publishing efforts, bringing the Daedalic brand to a global audience for the first time,” explained Carsten Fichtelmann, MD of Daedalic Entertainment.

“Daedalic is absolutely the right partner for Xider Games. This puts the Xider label on track for further international growth with some great games due for launch later this year,” enthused Helmut Schmitz, MD of the publisher.