Dailly remaking original GTA in 3D with GameMaker

GTA co-creator and YoYo Game's head of development shows off engine's flexibility
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One of the developers of the original Grand Theft Auto is giving Liberty City a 3D makeover in GameMaker Studio.

Michael Dailly and David Jones created GTA as a top-down game called Race'n'Chase, which was picked up and renamed by Dan and Sam Houser of Rockstar.

Dailly, now head of development at GameMaker developer YoYo Games, has decided to remake the game in his company's engine as a means of advertising its 3D capabilities.

He's posting regular updates and screenshots on Twitter along with details about how his engine – a hybrid that uses GameMaker for rendering but WebGL and HTML 5 for the map loader and primitive builder - is performing.

Though Dailly probably can't release the remake with maps and textures since he doesn't own the rights to them, he says he might release the tool he created to extract them.


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