Daly departs Zoe Mode

Kuju confirms studio co-founder moving on
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Kuju confirms studio co-founder moving on
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Ed Daly has departed from Zoe Mode as studio head, Develop can reveal.

Joining the Chime developer in February 2004, Daly spent more than seven years shaping the studio’s output. His next job, if indeed he remains in the games business, is for now unknown.

Daly’s leadership at Zoe Mode has led the studio to completion of several successful products in the SingStar and EyeToy series.

In 2007 Zoe Mode won a Develop Award for Best New Handheld IP with Crush. Recently the studio has enjoyed widespread acclaim for its music puzzle game Chime, released across various digital channels.

“We wish Ed Daly well on whatever he’s doing next,” a spokesperson for Zoe Mode parent company Kuju told Develop.



Zoe Mode

It was the first of Kuju's studios to rebrand itself, and probably the most radical: not only tapping into the burgeoning casual market, but basing its entire identity on a fictional female. Now, one year later, how is it faring?