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Dare to be Digital 2012 competitors Dapper Hat Games talk exclusively to Develop about working on their entry title Mr Montgomeryâ??s Debonair Facial Hair
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Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair is a fast-paced, 2D arcade game for the iPad, in which you take the roll of an apprentice barber, attempting to make your way in the highly competitive world of moustache grooming.

You use touch gestures to come and style the moustaches of different characters, whilst defending them from an assortment of devious enemies by utilising an arsenal of exciting barbershop weaponry.

We’re aiming the game at a younger audience, so it’s very light-hearted, cartoony and (just like us) quite silly.

Dare has been, in a word: fantastic! We’re all so grateful for the opportunity that Dare has given us, not only for providing us with the resources to make our own game, but also for all the feedback that we’ve had from different mentors and from focus testing that has really helped us refine our game.

The working atmosphere is great as well. We’ve made some great new friends, and the dynamic between teams is really nice too.

Even though we’re in a competition, it really doesn’t feel like it, and nobody even hesitates to lend a hand if they can help out.

Whilst we’ve all learned more about our individual disciplines, we’ve learned more about the game creation process that we could have ever imagined.

Discovering what it’s like to work with others in a high-pressure environment has been invaluable, and going through the process of cutting and changing features of our game has been a real eye-opener.

We’ve really pulled together as a team throughout the process, and our game is shaping up to be something we’re all truly proud of.

We can’t wait to get our game in front of the public and find out what they think. It’s quite a scary thought though, as we will find out if all of our design decisions paid off.

For us, as long as we see someone playing our game with a smile on their face, we’ll be happy, and we’ll know we made the right choices!

For the immediate future, we’re not entirely sure what we'll be doing after Dare as we will all be going into our Honours years, but we would definitely love to finish and release the game if the opportunity presents itself, and we’ve already been chatting about what we could do next.

We all work so well as a team it would be really great if we could go on making games together!

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