Darkworks launches 3D games tech

TriOviz system can be applied to any existing software for 3D conversion
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The first console 3D SDK has been launched by developer Darkworks.

The license for the new tech was brought from TriOviz, a Paris-based vision science specialist.

The technology allows 3D to be added-on to console and PC games during or after development. It can then be viewed through special glasses on 2D or 3D displays, or without the glasses from a 2D display.

The 3D tool supports all current game engines, and Darkworks have said that it will require as little as a couple of days to integrate, “depending on implementation”.

“Darkworks is keen to bring a truly innovative technology to top game developers and publishers in order to make the 3D experience a reality today,” said Darkworks MD Guillaume Gouraud.

“Consoles already broadcast 3D interactive content in real-time and their interactivity – by nature – empowers game developers to make a more immersive experience than is possible in movies,” he added.

Darkworks have said that the SDK is currently being adopted by several developers.