David Braben takes Elite to Kickstarter

Frontier Developments crowdfunding reboot of groundbreaking title
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David Braben is the latest UK developer taking to Kickstarter to fund a sequel to '80's classic Elite.

Elite gave customers 100 credits, a ship, and the first truly 3D game experience of an open world.

Funding a sequel though, will cost a bit more than 100 credits - Braben's studio Frontier Developments is seeking £1.25 million.

The campaign has 59 days to gather this princely sum, equivalent to almost $2,000,000 US.

This isn't the first follow-up to Elite. Braben founded Frontier Developments in 1994 for the release of Frontiers on the CD32, and since then the next game in the series, Elite: Dangerous, has been a rainy day project.

Now that project is live on Kickstarter, and has raised £16,000 at press time.