David Cage: I don't let businessmen change my judgement

Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain director takes the lead when it comes to creative risks
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Director of upcoming PS3 thriller David Cage says he prefers not to listen to businessmen when it comes to project decisions.

Speaking about whether it is a good idea to launch a new IP – Beyond – at the end of a console cycle, Cage told Develop: “In 16 years running Quantic Dream as a CEO, the one thing I learned is to never listen to businessmen.”

Heavy Rain is a good persistent for this view, as the game itself was rejected by Microsoft for fear of its mature themes, which deal with kidnapping and loss. Contrary to Microsoft’s fears, the game connected well with audiences and made a significant impact among non-gamers.

He added: “I remember a discussion with the president of a major publisher in the 90s telling me that PlayStation 1 would just be a trend that would die in the next six months. He thought PC was the future. We know what has happened since then. So I don’t listen to businessmen. I just trust my instinct.”

Beyond: Two Souls is Cage’s latest project, following the success of Heavy Rain. Beyond stars Ellen Page, and Cage discussed his thoughts on the actress’s involvement and more in an interview with Develop.

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