â??David Cage is a maestroâ?? says Heavy Rain actor

Gameâ??s successes proves â??desire is out there for narrative-based gamesâ?
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Heavy Rain actor Pascal Langdale says Quantic Dream’s David Cage is a development “maestro” who has proved there exists a desire to play interactive stories.

In an interview with Develop, Langdale was keen to press upon the effort involved with creating what he described as ‘empathy games’ in general, and Heavy Rain in particular.

“It was a phenomenal achievement. We worked on that game for a hell of a long time, going up against development problems that nobody else has ever really come across before,” he said.

“We all took a risk with Heavy Rain. Nobody really knew what the reaction to it was going to be. The fact that it has done so well is proof of a desire that is out there for narrative-based games”.

Langdale also spoke highly about the role David Cage took in the development process.

“He’s a maestro. He is the man at the studio. David is head of all departments, with his finger on pretty much everything. He is without doubt a firm director, but he is also playful, with an almost childlike side, which is what you need.”

The full interview can be read here.