David Reeves returns to the spotlight at GCO - MCV

David Reeves returns to the spotlight at GCO

Games Convention Online organisers announce the former SCEE CEO as a keynote speaker
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Former SCEE CEO David Reeves will be offering a keynote speech at the upcoming Games Convention Online event, organisers Leipziger Messe have announced.

Having only just retired from his role in April, the former ‘mad scientist’ of Sony’s empire will draw from lessons learnt during his fourteen years at the company and give a keynote on the emerging shift to online games.

Reeve’s address is entitled ‘Schrodinger's Cat and Heisenberg's Dog: The Change from Offline to Online’.

“At the GCO, I will provide a view of when online sales of games overtake classic retail distribution”, he said.

Games Convention Online, the spiritual successor to the Leipzig-based Games Convention of previous years, will be the world’s first trade show for browser, client and mobile games and will take place from July 31st to August 2nd.

The trade show emerged after support for the old Games Convention had collapsed, with industry consortium BIU instead supporting a newly-established convention held in Cologne, known as GamesCom.




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