De Montford celebrating Machinima Europe interest

Over 150 films entered into contest
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Over 150 films have been submitted to Europe’s first machinima festival, Machinima Europe, organised by De Montford University.

Entries for the event, which is supported by the Academy of Machinima Arts Sciences, came from a large selection of countries including Canada, Austria, Finland, Croatia, Slovakia, Japan and Australia.

"We are very pleased with the number, breadth and global spread of the entries,” said Professor Andrew Hugill, director of De Montford’s Institute of Creative Technologies.

“The enthusiasm out there for the festival is contagious and it has been really exciting to see so many different countries involved in creating submissions."

Representatives from ‘Red vs. Blue’ creators Rooster Teeth Productions will also be presenting a special video for the event, which will hold workshops on machinima production as well as screenings of submitted films.

Machinima Europe runs from October 12th to 14th. More information can be found at the festival’s website.



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