Deadline for Ivor Novello nominations

Submissions close February 4th
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Submissions close February 4th
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Organisers for the 56th Ivor Novello Awards are now accepting nominations for six categories, including videogame score.

But only a few days are left to cast your vote. Submissions for nominations close February 4th.

Joris de Man (pictured, left, with Sony UK boss Michael Denny) was last year honoured as the first to receive an Ivor award for music in games, taking the prize for the Abbey Road-recorded Killzone 2 score.

The Ivor Novello Awards now has ‘Best Original Video Game Score’ as a permanent category.

Scores are eligible for a video game that was commercially released in the UK during the calendar year. All entries must have a British or Irish composing contribution of at least one third.