DeltaDNA makes analytics services free to academia

Abertay University first to use unlimited, non-commercial licence
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Scotland-based analytics firm DeltaDNA has creased a new free licence for universities and other academic institutions.

The unlimited, non-commercial academic licence gives users access to the firm's data platform and complete analytics and player relationship management toolset in order to better understand the nature of player behaviour in free-to-play games.

DeltaDNA claims to be the first games industry analytics company to provide such a licence to academia, and will also provide guest lecturing to help students learn how to analyse games, identify player behaviour and use this to improve engagement and game-balancing.

The firm already has its first client in the form of Abertay University.

"We're pleased to be able to offer Abertay an academic licence as it provides students with a great opportunity to learn about the next generation of game analytics, and how they can place the needs of players at the heart of game design and game-balancing," said CTO Chris Wright.

"These skills will give them a significant advantage in the workplace and will help them to create profitable games that players will enjoy."


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