DeNA â??may partner with Facebook, Zyngaâ??

Japanese social games giant seeks overseas expansion through big name partnership
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DeNA, the Japanese social and mobile games studio, may form a partnership with Facebook or Zynga as it seeks oversea expansion, according to the firm’s CEO Tomoko Namba.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Namba was adamant that such an arrangement was a serious consideration at his firm.

“There’s a real possibility of a marketing alliance with Facebook to grow our customer base, because they focus on real- world connections between people while we target virtual relationships,” she said.

“Zynga could be a potential partner as a game developer for our platform.”

Zynga and Facebook declined to comment on the statement.

With 21m users in Japan at the present time, DeNA has outlined its intentions to quadruple sales in four years by targeting smartphone customers in the US. This would mean the firm’s sales figures will hit around ¥400bn for the year ending March 2015. Namba has said that she would hope half of this revenue would be made from overseas trade.

“For us to be a global player, our users need to measure in the hundreds of millions,” she said.